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Tell us more about Daleen Taylor?

Me?  I have been with the Love of My Life for 37 years resulting in 3 beautiful children (I know, I know …. They ALL are –  till they are not.  Been there, done that!!)

I am the co-owner of The Mountain Cambridge School (www.themcs.co.za) and the Franchisor of Manners4Minors – we have Miss Manners nationally, doing fabulous work around the country.  Although M4M started as an extra-mural, our reputation and dedicated work has resulted in the program  becoming a co-curricular subject in most schools.  How awesome is that?  Take a look at some of the flattering emails from parents and schools.  I still get so overwhelmed and a little teary when I get these messages of hope and gratefulness.

After developing Manners4Minors in 2007 I have had the privilege and heartbreak of making a difference (MAD) and am willing to share what I have picked up along the way.  Hopefully, I can get a pointer or two from you for our curriculum!


On a serious note, manners are the building blocks of Future Leaders.  The global marketplace is demanding the incorporation of morals and principles in conjunction with academic qualifications.  The preparation and ability to act within the 4 pillars of character – Intellectual, Moral, Civic and Performance – greatly enhances us as effective human beings, and to the flourishing of society.


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