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The new epidemic – The Child-Pleasing Parent!


Are you being held to ransom by a 4 year old? Have you become a child-pleasing parent?  Take heart … it’s a global problem.  We have been bamboozled out of our responsibility and authority –  and it’s time to take it back.


Welcome parents!  What a difficult task it is parent today and my aim is to share some of the most basic expectations you can implement, both to establish your leadership role and to be the recipient of a better attitude and response from your children.  You HAVE TO take control back, even in the teeniest, tiniest ways to start with – not doing this will gravely impact on the success of your child as an adult.  It’s a tough world out there.  Preparation is your responsibility.  So, I am here to hopefully give a little support and an idea or two that you can use.

Obedience, willingness to please, helpfulness, responsibility for chores and treating you with respect have NEVER gone “out of fashion”.  We have just expected less from our children for some reason and then moan and groan about them.  My opinions are shared while I stand in your corner, the Parent Corner (ha ha – this is an ironic scenario).

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Use it, don’t use, have a chuckle, give it a little thought or gather the courage and energy TO DO IT.  I judge no one where parenting is concerned.  Just a word of caution, if you decide to implement a rule, DO NOT, I really mean this, DO NOT go back on your decision.  If you do it once, you are done for!


So that’s a little intro of what you can expect the nature of my posts to be about.


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So since when does a 4 year old get to make life decisions?

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