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“Here is a funny story from my mother in law as she experienced some Manners4Minors in action from my son, thought it would be lovely to share:

No lights!! Nothing to do but a little power in the phone! Let me tell you a happy story!! Yesterday while looking after my youngest grand son,3.1/2 yrs (He was sick). In between playing and resting, I managed to do some paper work. He spied my fingerette, (a very old fashioned rubber tip to put on you finger to assist one turning lots of pages.) Suddenly I noticed it had gone missing, after he had tried it on his toes, and various fingers! Finally he indicated he had it behind his back, with a look of, I am now teasing you granny!! When I asked him to give it back to me he very smartly says. ” Say the magic word” I give it back to you!!! Well, you can imagine I burst into laughter, then complied by saying the full sentence “please give the fingerette back to me”. With a look of sheer delight, he sweetly handed it back to me saying I was good!!!! Have a safe evening in the dark!!” – Parent, Krugersdorp/Ruimsig

 Letter of acknowledgment from the Kingdom of  Lesotho  Ministry of Education

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“Wonderful! Thanks for sending on the updates – I always love reading them.

Dylan’s Dad was chatting to her about the upcoming Cross Country and asked if she “was going to win” and was told in no uncertain terms that, “It’s NOT about winning Daddy, it’s about having FUN with your friends!” – Parent, CT




“I hope its okay for me to post here, as I’m in the US, but i just bought the parents lessons yesterday. last night we read the first story and sang the “Where are my manners” song. This morning my son woke up and stated to sing “Where are my manners” Thank you M4M, My son can’t wait for tonight story and song!” – Parent Colorado, USA



“I am very very impressed with your group. ** came home and announced the importance of looking me in the eye and to say please and thank you. She had a friend over who didn’t say thank you when I gave him cool drink and she explained and showed him how to look me in the eye and say thank you. When I asked her to get undressed and get in the bath, she did it immediately (normally I have to ask 5 times) and when I acknowledge this, she explained that she has to listen to me the first time when I ask her to do so something as it is good manners. When it was bedtime, I asked her to say night to Daddy and she also did this immediately (normally I have to ask a few times.). Again she explained that is is good manners to listen the first time.


We have trouble dressing her in the morning so maybe you could explain the importance and the rushing in the morning as you obviously have the magic touch.” – Parent


“The school will be foolish not to encourage the kids and parents to attend Manners4Minors, as it is in their own interest, just makes teaching a lot more manageable. The other thing I find a lesson or two on diversity is important for them (boys, girls, dark, fair, different hair, colour, food choices, etc. and how to respect all this) BUT I leave in your very capable hands.” – Teacher


”To: Manners4Minors

This is the fourth year that Manners4Minors has been running as a co-curricular program me for Gr R at our school, Bedforview primary school. In charge of the program is Miss Manners, Clara Powell.

Mrs. Powel has formed a good relationship with the Gr R teachers at the school, as she is always friendly, willing to go the extra mile and reliable. Mrs. Powell is always punctual for her lessons, and makes no hesitation to accommodate the teachers when need be.

Mrs. Powell has a positive effect on the children and her lessons are fun and interactive which helps to bring her message across. She is loved by our “little ones” and is loving and kind towards them in her lessons.

Manners4Minors has had a positive impact on the children at our school. On the playground and in the classroom the children are able to identify each other positive and negative behaviour by relating it to the puppets. The children are going home and telling their parents what they have learnt. This in turn helps parents at home, as well as the teachers at our school, as the Manners4Minors lessons are impacting on our children.

We are pleased to see a variety of materials and teaching aids used in the Manners4Minors lessons, as this keeps the children interested and enthusiastic. They certainly look forward to their visit by Miss Manners.

Thank you for a worthwhile programme and for ensuring that a large number of important topics are covered and taught.”– Principal of Bedfordview Primary School