Our Programme

MANNERS4MINORS is a specialized program designed for children in the foundation phase (pre school, Reception, Year 1 and 2) and is aimed at introducing them to the benefits of having good manners and displaying universally acceptable social skills.

Through the use of interactive role play, props, puppets and interesting environments – together with positive reinforcement, peer encouragement and a carefully designed curriculum, it stimulates interest in manners that will extend beyond the school walls, and which will have a positive impact on every aspect of their lives.  Predominantly through demonstrating emotional responses towards well-mannered children, we have succeeded in enriching the lives of children who participate in the program. Manners4Minors has a proven technique to impact on children’s social development.

Our Curriculum

Manners4Minors program includes important lessons about: Bullying, Restaurant behaviour, Whining and Nagging, Party Etiquette, Playground manners, Bosiness, Money Skills….

Each lesson is developed to introduce the child to a new concept or manner and is accompanied by worksheets, songs, stories and/or games.

Role play is used to demonstrate to children the consequence of using good manners, what they can expect in response to good manners or acceptable behaviour, and conversely what they can expect if they don’t.

The lessons are presented on an emotional level, and the children leave the class with a clear understanding of the life skill, the consequences of the choice they make, and also – most importantly – with a conscience.

Puppets help to teach children the emotional side associated with manners. They help them to learn the positive impact that good manners have on people and how nice it is to use good manners. The puppets also teach the children how to introduce themselves correctly, and how to interact with the elderly. Children quickly become familiar with the characters of the puppets and the emotions which they evoke. Parents are then requested to remind their children at home to be more of a ‘Princess Penny’ and ‘Caring Kurt’ instead of a ‘Boastful Betty’ and ‘Rodney Rude’ which assists with reinforcing the lessons in the individual home environment.

Our Puppets

 Our Puppets 2015

The (Desired) Outcome

Manners4Minors emphasizes appropriate behaviour and shows children that words and actions are better received when delivered with kindness and consideration. When we treat others well, we feel better about ourselves, our lives, and those around us.

Most importantly, we contribute to the happiness of those around us. Polite behaviour allows us to make and keep friends more easily. In fact, good manners make all relationships better including those with family members, teachers and friends.  Ultimately this gives the children we teach the knowledge and understanding needed to have a better chance in life..

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use. – Emily Post

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