Move your RAS

This was one of the topics I spoke of, off the cuff, at the Conference.  True to form, I was supposed to fill-in a 10 minute time slot and ended up taking an hour!

Anyhoo, your RAS is a centre in your brain which, if used correctly and stimulated with focus, can create miracles.  I will not go into the biology of this and you can research it if you are super interested in the scientific mumbo jumbo.  I love the brain.  Just saying!  Enough to know it exists, physically, and is called the Reticular Activating System.

If you can picture a little heart radiating in the centre of your brain which WANTS desperately to make you your best-self, needing only clear directions, and follow up with belief in your ability and action “as if it is” (fake it till you make it}, the rest is history.

Know this – if you have a dream, you have every single resource necessary to achieve it or you would not have the thought.  The thought itself assures you that you are able or you would not have it.  You cannot have a thought of an end goal without having the exact recipe for completion somewhere in that sub-conscious mind of yours.  End of story.  Not debatable.

If you have given your RAS accurate end-point goals and accepted it as done, the momentum is similar to the light in your bedroom … you switch it on and KABOOM, milliseconds later you have light.  You don’t necessarily know where the wiring is, how it runs through the wall or what colour wires have been attached to make it so, your assumption is that you will see light!  Your RAS is similar.  Simply assume the light.

So, if you have a goal, what is your focus?  Careful now, WHAT DO I WANT?  Not what don’t I want?  When I ask most people what they want, their response is to shift uneasily in their chair and say “Well, I don’t want … to be poor, to be fat, to be unhealthy, to be unsuccessful, to be employed, to be unhappy”.  “Great” I say, “I am clear on what you don’t want.  But what do you want?”  This creates the most uncomfortable silence and squirming.  With eyes down and a pained expression, the answer most times is “I .. don’t .. know”.

Well now, if YOU don’t know, how can the Universe and God conspire with you?

I get such a thrill every time I do a session and ask the question.  It never fails to amaze me.  How can you be living, working so hard, giving of yourself and consistently doing your best according to God and Humanity without knowing what you want?  It is neither noble nor honourable to plod along with the unmet expectations placed on you.  If you have “the thought”, it is your duty to succeed and be blessed with abundance in whatever it is you aspire to.

Your subconscious mind accepts what you tell it.  Done.  It has no reasoning or the ability to decide whether you can or can’t do what you dream, neither does it have the ability to negate, i.e. DON’T is not a word it can process. Hence, the state of your life if you are walking around telling yourself what you DON’T want!  Think a little on this:

[table id=3 /]

Here’s a little proof exercise.

Don’t think of a pink elephant.

What image did you see in your mind’s eye?  I bet I can guess!

The most common reason why the “what do you want” question is difficult to answer is my favourite little “FOF”.  FEAR OF FAILURE.  I will do a piece on FOF later as it is the most destructive obstacle and needs to be stopped in its tracks.

For now, I want you to write down words or pictures of “WHAT I WANT” without FOF.  Do not allow any fear or logical reasoning stop what you jot down.

The follow-up is to be very aware not to continue with the “I WANT” mantra, but to convert to an “I AM” state.  Staying in “I want” will keep you in “I want” and you will continue to WANT.  Write down your “I AM” in line with your want.

[table id=4 /]

Keep this.  Put PostIt notes all around your environment with your new affirmations for yourself.

I drew a picture of the sun setting between two mountains and imagined my home with full interrupted view of this about 8 years ago.  I also put a monetary success value on my life by drawing a cheque to the value of a few million.  With no qualifications, I stated that I wanted to be a teacher.

I am a teacher –

Founder of a Behaviour Management Program (

Director of a private school (

Life teacher (Life Coach / Neuro Linguistic Practitioner)

Here is a picture of the view from my home:

[images style=”3″ image=”” width=”1380″ align=”left” top_margin=”0″ full_width=”Y”]

My assets reflect more than what I had in mind for financial security and we own three business (just starting the fourth and fifth simultaneously).

I do wish I had kept the drawing.  If I could allow you to understand that there was NO WAY my vision/goal drawing was anywhere close to what I could have imagined possible, if I had analysed it.  I would have rubbed out a zero from my cheque for starters. What kind of person buys a school without teaching qualifications?  Who opens two new business simultaneously in the most volatile economy?  ME, despite myself.  I simply put the light on.  I am so grateful to every person who has crossed my path and enlightened my thinking.  “I think therefore I AM” – ummm, ancient wise words.

Once you and your RAS are aligned and are set in motion, no obstacle, economy, environment, your current ‘situation’ or lack will stop you.  It will take persistence, energy, commitment and hard work and if you are aimed right, you will jump any hurdle like a pro with your eye 100% on the finish line.

MOVE YOUR RAS and get going!  Activity is vital.

Be Who You Are Meant To Be,

“Teacher” Dee

I still get a thrill.  Self-made and proud of it.