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Written By Daleen Taylor (Founder of Manners4Minors)


Manners4Minors has been my passion since I developed it in 2007 and I thought it appropriate to share with you who I am to start off my relationship with you.  I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter, granny, partner and idea generator.  I am in my 50s and am incredibly blessed with a life I could not have imagined while I was growing up.  My life as a child was hard and, at times, completely dysfunctional.  I knew of hardship, addiction, loss, fear, loneliness and intense responsibility beyond my years.  In hindsight, the lack I experienced was the most extraordinary teacher and the lessons still serve me today. 


With a very basic Matric (typing, shorthand kinda-gal) I ventured off into the world to live a very basic life.  This is NOT what the universe had planned for me.  I was destined to live an existence blessed with abundance of all things good and beautiful. 


My life is extraordinary and I sometimes do wonder why.  Obviously not without problems and everyday hassles but I am able to control and handle what I am expected to with grace and love (mostly!). I will share with you what my theory is on this as we go along and I find information that I think you will find beneficial, informative, meaningful and hopefully inspirational. 


For my first blog, I will share this with you … there are two, only ever two, driving emotions which assist you with decision making and stepping into (or from) situations in your life:  Love or Fear.  Although fear has its place, for sure, especially in times of danger, we use it far too often as a reference point for ordinary everyday decisions to keep ourselves in our comfort zone.  When faced with decisions in any situation, creating a habit of reacting with love and making the decision with only good intention, cannot be judged.  It may not be the right decision, but that is not the focus.  It is the clear conscience of making the call from a place that cannot be questioned and where, perhaps, in the “failure” a lesson necessary.  There is no failure, only learning.  Love must have been, without me knowing at the time, my driving emotion when I decided to embark on this Manners4Minors journey as there has been much learning and oh-so-much joy and success.  I never waivered from the intent of love.


I didn’t get it 100% right 100% of the time and I am sure to “learn” more … And that’s okay.

Daleen Taylor xxx

What Is Manners4Minors?

Manners4Minors is offered Nationally, and Internationally, by schools as a co-curricular or extra-mural programme at your school on a weekly basis by Miss Manners. MANNERS4MINORS is not a cultural program but rather a fun, interactive way of introducing young children to the benefits of behaving and using manners that are universally accepted. MISS MANNERS, as the teacher of the program is known, will demonstrate that behaving in a particular way will ensure that you are liked by your teachers, accepted by your friends and you will have a better chance in life – a well mannered child that becomes a well mannered adult has an enormous advantage over his peers. 


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