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What we do

Manners4Minors is offered Nationally, and Internationally, by schools as a co-curricular or extra-mural programme at your school on a weekly basis by Miss Manners

Our Mission

Simply put; Manners4Minors exists purely to help create a foundation for more socially successful children.

Our Vision

To be global thought leader and teacher of the real world values and principles which make up a socially successful society.

A little bit about Manners4Minors…

MANNERS4MINORS is not a cultural program but rather a fun, interactive way of introducing young children to the benefits of behaving and using manners that are universally accepted. MISS MANNERS, as the teacher of the program is known, will demonstrate that behaving in a particular way will ensure that you are liked by your teachers, accepted by your friends and you will have a better chance in life – a well mannered child that becomes a well mannered adult has an enormous advantage over his peers. 


  • “It’s more than just learning manners… I am so happy to have my child on the programme”


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Why Manners4Minors was developed…

Cost Of Living

Single Parent Families

Television & Gaming

Cultural Diversity

Relationships with our children

Upon reflection of the success with which Manners4Minors was received by children, parents and schools, I spent some time on the reason why a program like this would be necessary. Surely manners and social skills are taught at home?  Basically, my research came up with a very simple answer:  LIFESTYLE.  Our lifestyles have changed and the environments where these skills where handed over quite naturally in the past (family dinners, Sunday family get-togethers, etc.) has, in general, diminished. 


The Results of Manners4Minors…








Willingness to please


Lessons Include…

40 Topics covered per year

Restaurant Behaviour

Party Etiquette

Whining & Nagging

Personal Safety


Telephone Etiquette

And Much More

What others are saying…


Principal of Bedfordview Primary School

“Manners4Minors has had a positive impact on the children at our school. On the playground and in the classroom the children are able to identify each other positive and negative behaviour by relating it to the puppets. The children are going home and telling their parents what they have learnt. This in turn helps parents at home, as well as the teachers at our school, as the Manners4Minors lessons are impacting on our children. We are pleased to see a variety of materials and teaching aids used in the Manners4Minors lessons, as this keeps the children interested and enthusiastic. They certainly look forward to their visit by Miss Manners. Thank you for a worthwhile programme and for ensuring that a large number of important topics are covered and taught.”



Claudia Mitchell – Parent

I would like to send a big Thank You to Miss Manners who facilitates the programme at Little Porcupine & Friends in Brackenhurst.My son, Jarred has attended Manners 4 Minors since 2014 and absolutely loves Miss Manners and their weekly classes. I have seen a big change in his attitude and in the way that he incorporates their weekly lessons at home. He has learnt so much and is always super excited to tell us about what he has learnt. I have also seen a big change in his behaviour as he makes it a point to behave in order to receive his stars on a Thursday morning. Thank you for such a wonderful programme and Jarred will definitely be attending the 2016 classes.



iThemba  Academy

Manners4Minors  has been very necessary for the children  at iThemba  Academy in terms of teaching them to interact  with their  peers in an appealing, appropriate manner.   It has definitely introduced the children  to the importance of considering those around  them  in order to receive  social  acceptance and appreciation from society. The Manners4Minors  Reward Chart  has worked  well  in our classes  and the children  are always  excited  to get their  rewards  each week according to how far up the star chart they have climbed.



Fotini de Keizer – Parent

My daughter Cleo, has been attending “Manners4Minors” at Tiddlers and Toddlers for the last 9 months and cannot believe the good things she has come home with every week. Thank you for the positive influence you have brought her.  What has been really interesting is how each lesson has stayed with her and she keeps reminding the family of what you should and should not be doing. For e.g. during dinner time, she will remind all of us to eat with our mouths closed and that she cannot answer a question whilst she has food in her mouth, as it is rude. She keep us very aware of what ‘bullies’ are and how we should handle it. Also, she remembers what she is not allowed to watch on TV and how to look for it. These are just some examples that have ‘stuck’ and have made my life as a parent much easier when she is able to associate manners in simple terms. Thank you very much – it has been one of the best things my child has ever attended.


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