Welcome Parents

Welcome to Manners4Minors and thank you for enrolling your child onto our program. Here you will learn more about Manners4Minors, how to use your Home Merit System chart, the Manners4Minors App and enjoy our FREE demo animated story below. Emails are sent to parents sharing the topic of the week to ensure reinforcement/communication and various resources are shared. Notice how quickly the children relate and share what they have learnt that week.

If you have not yet enrolled your child onto the Manners4Minors program simply find a Miss Manners in your area.

What’s included?

  • Manners4Minors Intro
  • Manners4Minors Puppets Animation
  • Manners4Minors Puppets Colour In Sheet
  • Where Are My Manners Story Animation
  • Manners4Minors Theme Song
  • Manners4Minors App

Introduction To Manners4Minors

How to use the Home Merit Chart

How to use the Manners4Minors App

Enjoy 1 Free Animated Manners Made Easy Story

Download the entire Manners Made Easy video collection to enjoy with your child - Simply "Download now" for instant download with you confirmation email to your PC, Smart Phone or tablet.

Where are my manners

The Magic Words


Boasting and Bragging

Thank you for having me




Whining and Nagging

Restaurant Behaviour