Magic words

The Magic Words – Animation Story

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Product Description

This Manners Made Easy video deals with the importance of the ‘Magic words.’ The words: ‘Please’ ’Thank you’ and ’You’re welcome’ are a small and seemingly insignificant part of our daily conversations. But, they really are appreciated by whoever is on the receiving end of them!

Many people think that a child, who has managed to pick up the habit of saying these words, is essentially a‘polite’ child and they’re very impressed. Even though there is a whole lot more to being a polite child, we all know that first impressions are lasting ones, so it is a good place to start!

The great thing about teaching this life lesson is that children usually paraphrase the parents and caregivers in their lives. They begin to copy them and eventually a good habit is formed. It is not a difficult lesson to teach, but one that requires great patience and you must be prepared to reinforce this concept ALL DAY LONG!

Our aim is to get children to understand that these phrases are part of everyday conversations. They occur in all languages around the world! The reality is that as children grow up, they learn to respect and admire those children who have acquired this habit and often turn away from those who refuse to use these phrases during games. The benefits of using these simple, yet magic words become crystal clear!

Video Length: 2:56 min