Boasting And Bragging

Boasting And Bragging – Animated Story

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Product Description

It is natural for a child to boast about something he is very proud of e.g.: his Dad has bought a new car
and he tells everyone he knows that it is the most expensive and the best car on the road. Often the children’s reaction to this boastfulness is negative, thereby curbing the child’s boasting. He soon realizes that he did not get the ‘wow’ response he was looking for.

This Manners Made Easy Video serves as a gentle reminder to children not to be boastful, but they need to know that it is okay to show excitement about something as wonderful and exhilarating as a new car. We don’t want a bunch of emotionless robots that are afraid to show joy when something wonderful has happened to them!

Being proud is okay but bragging is NOT. We need to teach the difference.

Video Length: 3:11 min